Justin's Approach

Diet types offered: Keto, plant based or vegetarian, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, flexible dieting, reverse diet, metabolism recovery, contest prep.

Justins Approach


By default, I give my clients a flexible diet plan. The ideal diet is the diet of your preference. The diet that allows you to eat the foods you enjoy, in the schedule you can maintain is the ideal diet. The one exception is if you have any medical conditions which require a higher level of knowledge.

It is for those clients, I employ the assistance of a Registered Dietitian. Registered Dietitians are the only ones, not personal trainers, legally cleared to give nutrition plans to those with medical issues.

Personalized Training Program

Over the years I have accumulated a large array of experience in training and nutrition. I’ve focused my personal training on bodybuilding, and injury prevention. For my clients however, I give a program that is physique focused with slight injury prevention movement selections.

I have garnered the tools needed to train individuals of all levels of ability and experience. I’ll guide you from start to finish. Depending on your ability, the longer the program you commit to the better. I will be able to map out a long term course of programming to get you to your goals.


This is why I offer 12 and 52 week programs. Twelve weeks is an ideal mid level bundle to purchase if you can not commit to a year, it gives us one cycle together or enough time for a contest prep.

The final option I offer is a 4 Week Coaching Program. While not a long time to work together, going month to month I will map out your path each month you work with me, continuing from the previous.

My ebooks are a great supplement to the coaching. I will be creating ebooks covering vast topics in training, dieting, and more. While they alone may not get you to your destination they are a great starting point or something to have while we can not work together to give guidance.

Justins Approach